Virtual Improv - Intro to Zoom-prov

We are in a new world of improv and technology and with things so uncertain it is important for teachers to equip themselves with the tools needed to run improv workshops and classes online. In this workshop, teachers will have the opportunity to learn some techniques of doing improv over Zoom. This workshop is lead by Spencer Dunn the Programming Manager and Acting General Manager of the Canadian Improov Games.


10:25 AM - 11:25 AM

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12:20 PM - 1:19 PM

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  • Canadian Improv Games
    Spencer Dunn

    Spencer Dunn has been improvising for over a decade. He started with the Canadian Improv Games in grade 11 and never looked back. Spencer is currently the Programming Manager and Interim General Manager for the CIG. He has been a regional producer, head ref, and national workshops coordinator. He won a gold and a bronze medal from Interpretation Canada for his work writing interpretive programs about bats, birds, and bugs. He has performed and taught improv in every province and has spent much of his COVID time improving his Mario Kart skills.